Jared Goff is willing to restructure his contract

The Rams could use some cap space, and quarterback Jared Goff currently is gobbling up the most of it, with more than $36 million attached to him in 2020.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday via videoconference, Goff said he’s willing to agree to the kind of restructuring that doesn’t cost him anything.

“I think there’s been some stuff about being able to clear some cap space,” Goff said, via Kevin Modesti of the Los Angeles Daily News. “If so, I’m all for it. I don’t see why not.”

Goff made it clear that he’s willing to do something that won’t result in him taking less total money, explaining that he’d do the kind of new deal if “it doesn’t change anything for me, and it helps the team out.”

The problem for the Rams is that they’ve already miss a chance to reduce cap space via the restructuring of Goff’s $21 million roster bonus, which was earned on March 19. The most they can do at this point is convert a large chunk of his 2020 base salary of $10.042 million into a signing bonus and kick 75 or 80 percent of it into future years.

The problem with any so-called simple restructuring is that reducing the cap number now increases it later. And with Goff already having a cap number of $32.5 million in 2021, another $2 million or so being added to that amount could create an even bigger mess for the Rams next year, if the coronavirus causes the salary cap to drop sharply next year due to a potentially massive loss of ticket revenue.

Regardless, the Rams will be carrying huge cap numbers for Goff now and into the future, and so far they’ve chosen not to make it worse in the future by making it better now. That’s the biggest cost of sliding dollars around via a restructuring that doesn’t reduce dollars, because those dollars eventually hit the cap — it’s just a question of when.