Gay couple spat on, insulted on Amsterdam street

A gay couple was spat on and insulted by a group of young people as they walked to a supermarket on Molukkenstraat in Amsterdam on Sunday. Among other things, the group of teenagers called Daniel and Fabio “kankerhomos”, which directly translates to “cancer gays”, the couple said to AT5.

The two have faced discrimination before, and always just ignored it. “At some point you’ve just had enough,” Daniel said to the Amsterdam broadcaster. “And now the whole group seemed to support it, they were so worked up.”

It started with insults, but quickly became more aggressive, the couple said. Bystanders tried to intervene. The group of young people took off when the police were called. When responding officers arrived at the scene, they were nowhere in site. But after the police left again, two of the young people returned on a scooter. They spat on Fabio and drove away.

“I hopes it helps to share this story,” Fabio said to AT5. “This makes me so angry. That this is happening here in 2020 without us provoking anything.” The couple manged to film part of the attack. They will press discrimination chargers on Monday afternoon, they said.